Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tomato Season is Just Around the Corner

Veggie Gardening :: It is almost that time of year again!
I've already started my lettuce and bean seeds for this year's garden. Next on the list is tomatoes!!
Here are some fabulous varieties available at Mistiaggie's Etsy shop:
This is a late season Russian tomato that is beautifully colored in dark purples and a very unique shape. An excellent indeterminate heirloom variety that slices up well on a plate with a dash of salt or on an English muffin for breakfast.

Schimmeig Striped Hollow Heirloom Tomato
A red tomato with orange stripes and the shape of a pepper! You can easily cut the top off and pull out the seeds...simple preparation! It is a very vigorous plant and a heavy bearer.

Copia Heirloom Tomato
Copia is named after the American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts, and is a beautiful bi-color tomato. This is a large beefsteak that I think you will fall in love with!

Speckled Roman Heirloom Tomato
This is a very unique tomato that is perfect for making into sauces. It was originally developed by crossing Antique Roman and Banana Legs to produce this colorful, striped tomato. A heavy bearer and does not have a lot of seeds.

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SapphireChild said...

Mmmm.. I have to say speckled roman is a great variety. I recommend giving them a try!