Sunday, June 29, 2008

What's new with team member: Shell!

This week we have Shell, who is Shellberry on Etsy. Her shop items are displayed on the sidebar this week, her blog can be found here, and some recent happenings in her world are below.

Photo by foampeanut87

What's new with Shell? We won SECOND PLACE at in their Green Science Fair for our abridged take on the square foot garden. (I won an mp3 player so I can listen to my books on tape via and learn a few new languages while working in our "graden". I almost peed I was so excited! YAY!

About my garden: Our backyard is an urban cement jungle. Pavement as far as you can see...which is only about 22'x16'. My daughters (2 and 8 months) help me in the morning with all sorts of tasks. Solaris (2) loves to water...the plants and her sister, IsaLuna. We collect rain water from the daily squall lines that hit our East Coast Florida town everyday around 4 p.m. in two rubbermaid buckets. The girls get to play in one and I use the other for my eternal clippings. Photo by foampeanut87

Photo by shellgreenier
I love to focus on edible plants, especially those used for holistic purposes and teas. We are organic :) and love watching what new life our garden brings to an otherwise barren yard. Caterpillars, lizards (we've even found an egg once), frogs, bugs, squirrels and our newest guest...snails! I love recycling in order to cut down on our garbage output and use our soy milk containers for self watering pots, our apple juice containers as inverted planters for our vines (zuchinni and cantalope) and even strofoam egg cartons from friends and family as clipping starter boats. I'm working on an instructables for that as well.

Everyday I find new growth, a new bloom or a new creature. I'm amazed...I remember just a few years ago when I couldn't even keep a spider plant alive. :)

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Love the pictures of your family!